Housing implements new procedures to increase transgender sensitivity

Robert Marchini, Staff Reporter

Housing and Residence Life is working to ensure students, specifically transgender students, do not feel singled out by changing housing application procedures, Director of Housing Kim Montague said.

“We’re trying to institute a process and culture that makes sense, instead of being reactionary,” Montague said. “We haven’t been up to speed with what our peer institutions are doing.” 

While the housing policy remains unchanged, HRL is implementing several changes to how its application processes and procedures operate. Montague said this change came because HRL realized it could do more to accommodate transgender students.

These changes include new resident advisor training, information to students about sensitivity and asking about a student’s gender identity and preferred pronoun in addition to biological sex on the housing application.

Other initiatives include an internal review of which housing facilities are most accommodating to the needs of transgender students. Montague said that HRL is instituting these changes to provide the best services possible.

In addition, HRL is working to make information about available resources more widely known. Montague said that the new sensitivity procedures were developed through coordinating with Red Tremmel, director of the Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity.

“We’re working with [Tremmel] to ensure that we’re being sensitive,” Montague said. “To a certain extent, living accommodations are a sensitive issue for all, and this hasn’t really been addressed at Tulane policy-wise.”

Marley Truxillo, president of the Gender Exploration Society, said he believes this transition is a step in the right direction. 

“[Housing should allow] trans students to room with the gender they identify as,” Truxillo said.  

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