Yard Dogs meet in middle

Nina Belzer, Staff Reporter

For most musicians, working together while living more than 1,000 miles away would be challenging, if not impossible. For Atlanta-based Yard Dogs, however, the distance only bolsters its creative process.

Guitarist Daniel Feinberg and bassist Alex Glick are both juniors at Tulane University; Max Boydston, the band’s vocalist, and Yitzi Peetluk, drummer, are students at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. The band formed when childhood friends Boydston and Peetluk decided to record songs together.

“[Peetluk] would get into it because he knows there’s no actual drummer,” Boydston said. “It was just me drumming, and he would be like ‘oh, I would do this if I was the drummer.’ It was really organic how the band formed.”

The process typically starts with a spark of inspiration from Feinberg or Glick. Once they make an initial recording, the other two members add their own influence to the track. Because of the physical distance between the bandmates, band members share tracks via email until they reach their final forms.

“All of our songs happen the same way, since we’re spread out,” Feinberg said.

The group released its first full length CD “Boomer” last summer, and it launched its EP “Delphi” Jan. 4. The title of the EP is based on an ancient Greek myth.

“Delphi comes from a Greek myth that Zeus wanted to find the center of the universe, so he sent a dove east and a dove west, and where they met was the center of the universe,” Boydston said. “We were interested in that, and we took that as a culmination of a bunch of things coming together at once, which is how we feel about this EP.”

It was important to the group that there weren’t any “filler songs” on the EP. The instrumentals stand on their own just as well as any of the vocal tracks.

“We love every song on [the EP], and we were so excited to play all of them,” Boydston said. “We strategically placed each song so that there’s a flow to everything.”

One of Glick’s favorites is “Out of Commission,” and the whole group agrees that there will be something for every kind of music listener on the EP.

“We’re like all the good parts of pop music, mixed with garage and 90s grunge rock,” Boydston said.

The next step for the band is touring its EP throughout the Southeast.

“We’ll be playing in the Southeast this spring and this summer, and anywhere between New Orleans, Atlanta, Birmingham, [Alabama], [and] Chattanooga,[Tennessee]” Feinberg said.

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