La Sagrada Inquietud web series to feature Tulane actors’ debut, focus on latin culture locally

Colin Mahar, Staff Reporter

If you find yourself bored during winter break and have exhausted all of your possible binge-worthy Netflix series, you should brush up on your Spanish comprehension for a spring break trip to Cancun with Hannagan Johnson’s new bilingual web novella, “La Sagrada Inquietud.”

The first season of six episodes is now available on YouTube and features many students from the Tulane community debuting their acting talents. The first season details the struggles of the de la Vega family. The plot centers on the parents’ search for their lost son Raphael, while tensions mount as their conniving business advisor Damien Sandoval schemes his way toward obtaining the family fortune.

Bair Campbell, a Tulane alumnus and one of the stars of the series, said the idea for “La Sagrada Inquietud” was one that Johnson had been developing for some time.  Recently, he finally decided to bring together a troop of interested participants to make Johnson’s vision a reality.

“The whole inspiration behind it is the latino population in New Orleans [specifically] looking at what it was like when latinos and non-latinos are living and working side by side,” Campbell said. “We’re trying to reach two main audiences; people in Latin America who are already familiar with telenovelas and appreciate the genre, and also we’re trying to get people [in the United States,] especially non-latino people, interested in the format.”

The “La Sagrada Inquietud” crew is currently working on fundraising for a second season, which will consist of 12 episodes and introduce a few new characters. Campbell promises that much drama and intrigue will ensue, so be sure to get caught up on the first season or else risk missing out on all the thrills that this innovative web-series has to offer. 

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