Update: Man breaks into student’s bedroom in Baptist College Ministry

Amanda Verdi, Associate News Editor

An unknown man broke into a female student’s bedroom at 1:50 a.m. Wednesday in the Tulane Baptist College Ministry at 7111 Freret St.

The victim, who resides in the BCM, reported that a white man broke into the building and entered her bedroom where she was present. Upon seeing the female student, the suspect fled in an unknown direction outside.

No threats or physical activity occurred and the suspect did not have a weapon, the Tulane University Police Department daily activity report states. None of the student’s property was taken.

New Orleans Police Department responded to the scene and is currently investigating the case.

Junior Katie Lentz lives in the BCM. Lentz said she did not actually see the suspect, but was in the back room of the house when she heard a loud noise.
“I didn’t know what it was at first, but then my housemate knocked on my door 10 minutes later saying that our house had been broken into,” Lentz said.
Lentz said the damage sustained to the house was worse than the TUPD report indicated.
“The front door was forced open and the door is split down the side,” Lentz said. “[The suspect] came into the kitchen, opened the fridge and took out the milk. He poured it all over the kitchen, the stove, the countertop and the floor. He took out mustard and squirted it in the kitchen and on one of the armchairs.”
Lentz said that the suspect also stole her wallet although the TUPD report says no property was taken.
“[TUPD] told me that because I wasn’t sure where I had left my wallet that they couldn’t prove it was stolen,” Lentz said. “But I searched my room inside and out, I looked everywhere. It’s definitely not in my house. I had to have it to get into my house because my keys were attached.” 
The contents of the stolen wallet included cash, Lentz’s state ID, her Splash Card, gift cards, an insurance card, her house key and 2 bike keys.
Lentz said that the break-in may have been preventable. Her housemate did not dead bolt the door and only the doorknob itself was locked when the intruder entered. She cautions others in the area to take necessary preventative measures to avoid a similar fate.

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