Tulane welcomes back Homecoming Queen from 50 years ago

Amanda Verdi, Associate News Editor

Tulane University Homecoming events have changed significantly over the years, but feelings of enthusiasm for the university have remained since the first Homecoming.

One distinctive long-standing tradition of Homecoming has been choosing Homecoming queens.

“We have records for Homecoming queens going back to 1935,” Director of Alumni Programs Jered Bocage said.

The first Tulane Homecoming queen was Edna Angle. Famous women who have donned the Tulane crown include 1953 queen Mignon Faget, the jeweler and artist.

“This year we actually have the 50-year Homecoming queen, the queen from 1964, who is going to be here at Homecoming and is going to participate in the ceremony,” Bocage said.

The tradition of Homecoming kings began much more recently. The first Tulane king on record was Scott Shull in 1995.

“Homecoming queens used to just have escorts,” Bocage said. “They brought the king into the fold in the ’90s, and we’ve had that tradition since then.”

As the number of Tulane alumni increase, so do the number of alumni events and programs. Bocage said that alumni reunion programs are one of the fastest growing portions of Homecoming.

“One of the things that we’re most excited about Homecoming these days is that we’ve really built a strong reunion program,” Bocage said. “We invite classes back starting with the fifth reunion all the way up to the 50th. We’re having nine simultaneous class parties on Friday night, and they’re all over town and on campus.”

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