Food destinations near campus offer popular meal options


Regina LoBiondo | Production Manager

Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria:

A quick stroll past Turchin Stadium takes you to Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria, an affordable burrito joint and a Tulane institution. It’s no Chipotle, but Felipe’s food is made with fresh ingredients and can be dipped in a variety of exciting and mysterious sauces. The Taqueria is mostly known for its close proximity to campus, but its delightful outdoor seating area and cocktails are also a plus. If your stomach is grumbling for some cheap Mexican and your debit card is begging for a break from expensive Uber rides, Felipe’s is a satisfactory, walkable solution.

Ba Chi Canteen:

Vietnamese fusion restaurant Ba Chi Canteen on Maple Street is the ideal place to eat if you are seeking an open-air location with affordable and tasty food. Ba Chi is known for its banh mi, pho and “bacos,” a Vietnamese take on tacos that use bao, steamed flour buns, instead of traditional tortillas. In addition to the food items they serve, Ba Chi also offers tapioca drinks, teas, coffees and limeades to wash down Kim Chi fries and Pad Thai shrimp bacos. For vegans and vegetarians, the menu is especially refreshing, as there are several options for both meat-lovers and non-meat-lovers.


A Maple Street staple and health-conscious take on breakfast and lunch, Satsuma Café serves the kind of chic brunch you thirst over scrolling through an artsy foodstagram. Its menu boasts fresh, trendy items such as the Asian tofu scramble, the Mediterranean quinoa salad and the roasted pear and brie melt. With a cold-pressed organic juice bar, fair-trade coffee, vegan and vegetarian options and quirky artwork hung from brightly painted walls, this hipster destination appeals to locals and tourists alike. Come for the delicious, moderately-priced food with close proximity to campus, stay for the café’s fun personality and kind service.

The Milk Bar:

Burgers and milkshakes might seem simplistic or overdone, but The Milk Bar gets it just right. A streetcar ride down South Carrollton, right next to Supercuts and Baskin Robbins, this po’boy place is delicious and unique. The walls are lined with cow comics, and the menu is filled with tasty treats. Down to the lollipop you get with each meal, everything is simple and always good. Particular favorites are the Mexican Chipotle Ranch Salad and the Roast Beef Po’boy. Followed by an easy one-mile walk back to campus to burn off the milkshake calories, The Milk Bar is an effortless outing.

District Donuts.Sliders.Brew:

You’ve washed ashore on a desert island, you’re stranded with no hope of survival, and your mouth begins to water, sustenance on the mind, desperation reverberating throughout your entire body. But wait, a genie grants you three wishes! What do you wish for? The smart choice would be for a boat, some hunting supplies and a cellphone, but instead you choose a slider, a donut and an espresso from District Donuts. Most Tulane students would be unable to resist the temptation of this incredibly underrated New Orleans restaurant. Their homemade donuts (which rotate daily from a catalog of over 100) are expertly crafted, their tiny burgers are phenomenal (especially the fish slider), and their BYOB policy and coffee menu are the cherry on top. The 15-minute uber ride is worth it for this Magazine Street treasure, a mouthwatering and delectable indulgence.

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