Intersections’ Summer Playlist

This is the first installment of the Intersections playlist, the perfect starter pack to introduce yourself to unique sounds from around the world from the comfort of your headphones.

Here are our five favorite songs from the playlist. These songs are perfect for a summer pool party, beach day or relaxing at home. What makes them even better is the intersectionality of the identities of the artists and the messages woven within the beats. Enjoy!

Chantaje- Shakira, Maluma

The voice of the Hips Don’t Lie singer + Maluma (a.k.a Pretty Boy ) = Pop Perfection.

Our favorite line: “Tú eres puro, puro chantaje / Puro, puro chantaje”

Distraction- Kehlani

This Rhythm and Blues tune is the perfect anthem for your carefree summer romance.

Our favorite line: “Are you down to be a distraction baby/ But don’t distract me, let me ask you baby”

Alors On Danse- Stromae, Kanye West

Play this to get your night started or keep the energy up all summer with a hint of French to keep it interesting. Plus, this track is Kanye approved.

Our favorite line: “Throw your hands in the sky right now/ alors on danse”

Safari- J Balvin, BIA, Pharrell Williams

You’re in for a surprise when familiar hit-maker Pharrell harmonizes with BIA and J Balvin, completely in Spanish.

Our favorite line: “A ella le gusta/A mí me gusta”

All About Me- Syd

Formerly with the band The Internet, Syd asserts her independence as an artist over this cool crossover that is bound to be your squad anthem.  

Our favorite line: “Keep it in the family that you came with/ Keep enemies close you know the basics”

For more songs that represent the diversity in the world around us, including our five favorites from this article, follow our playlist on Spotify.

Pro tip: shuffle!

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