Johnson makes players hold hands after altercation at practice

Jordan Figueredo, Associate Sports Editor

Tulane football sophomore defensive tackle Tanzel Smart and redshirt senior offensive tackle Sean Donnelley got into a slight altercation at practice Wednesday Nov. 5 at Yulman Stadium.

Head Coach Curtis Johnson dealt with this situation in a rather unique way. He made the two players walk around the field for 20 minutes while holding hands.

“The kids have to learn how to focus the whole practice,” Johnson told The Times-Picayune

This was a different approach to discipline that Johnson said he has never done with his players before, but got the inspiration from his two daughters.

Johnson believed the players were wasting his practice time, which prompted this particular form of discipline.

“If they want to act like kindergarten kids, then I just want to treat them like kindergarten kids,” Johnson said.

In the end, Coach Johnson believes that dealing with Smart and Donnelley’s altercation in this manner proved to be effective. 

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