Be aware during Halloween season

As Halloween season kicks off, being responsible and mindful of surroundings will be crucial for students to enjoy the incredible experience of a New Orleans Halloween.

Students should employ a heightened sense of awareness and stay in groups when partaking in the festivities, especially when traveling off-campus. Jon Barnwell, Tulane University Police Department superintendent, said Halloween is a night when New Orleans’ “criminal element” eases into the general population because people are dressed in costumes.

Students should remain in primary pedestrian corridors and avoid shortcuts through alleyways. To avoid pickpocketing, students should be mindful of where they keep their belongings and refrain from texting in crowded areas. Texting also decreases the level of awareness of one’s surroundings, which can also be dangerous in crowds. 

Remember to stay hydrated, eat and look out for one another during the festivities. While alcohol is a large part of New Orleans’ culture, Barnwell said that practicing responsible consumption is critical for staying safe. 

If you choose to go downtown, have multiple transportation plans for traveling to and from campus, other than hailing a cab. Barnwell said a good practice is to always have friends’ phone numbers and extra cash on your person in case you get separated from your group. 

Halloween can be a terrific experience, but students must be responsible and make smart decisions to take advantage of all New Orleans has to offer during this time of the year.

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