Ironsides Waffles delivers creative spin on breakfast staple

Colin Mahar, Staff Reporter

Every Tuesday and Wednesday at the corner of Freret Street and McAlister Drive, Ironsides Waffles lures in the Tulane student body with its eclectic yet delicious take on an iconic breakfast food. The truck operates from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. and offers a variety of sweet and savory options, making it the premier choice for either breakfast or an outside-the-box lunch.

Similar to a crepe, the truck’s waffles are constructed such that the waffle itself serves as the shell of a cocoon of freshly prepared ingredients and succulent flavors. Customers get their choice of what goes on the inside and the selections range from duck debris with applewood-smoked bacon to Nutella with fresh bananas, which they can pay for with Wavebucks.

The truck receives the inner ingredients of its flavorful concoctions from Luizza Farms, a 50-acre, family-owned farm that partnered with Tulane in the spring. Ironsides Waffles grants Tulane Dining Services a venue to provide students with a fresh, healthy and socially responsible alternative to the dining options already at their disposal. Aside from supporting local agriculture, Ironsides also offers “Charity Chips,” a product made by Deep River Snacks, which pledges a portion of its proceeds to a wide variety of charitable organizations. Each different flavor of chip is paired with a different charity. Flavors vary from zesty jalapeño to rosemary and olive oil and support institutions such as Autism Speaks and The American Liver Foundation.

All waffles are cooked and prepared in less than five minutes, making it an accessible option for students bustling to and from class. The food’s portability certainly gives Ironsides an advantage over other on-campus competition. Only time will tell how other students will react to the presence of this innovative vendor, but Ironsides Waffles may give Crêpes à la Cart a run for its money.

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