Adventure Club synthesizes harmony, bass in transcendent show

Sam Ergina, Staff Reporter

The energy slowly built among the audience as the anticipation for Adventure Club’s Leighton James and Christian Srigley to perform increased. The Montreal duo performed Sunday at Howlin’ Wolf.

Adventure Club played some popular remixes, including a version of Youth’s “Foxes” and Miguel’s “Do You,” as well as some original material. The DJs hyped up the crowd on a late Saturday night bordering on Sunday morning, which is no easy task. Fans bounced and danced to the synthesis of heavy dubstep drops and melodic breaks and builds. Watching this group perform is a unique experience compared to other electronic concerts, which can sometimes turn into a monotonous cycle of build-ups and drops.

Christian and Leighton attribute their musical creativity to unusual choices of software for production, Cakewalk SONAR, as opposed to the more popular Ableton Live program. Their desire to contribute to the changing scene of EDM also separates them from the rising number of electronic music artists emerging.

“Electronic music is still a fairly new genre and constantly evolving,” Leighton said. “We try to bring a lot of song value into the music we make, make songs that people sing along to instead of just bangers that are going to bump in the club.”

The duo has been making music as Adventure Club for three years now, developing a concrete style of performance.

Adventure Club decided on a perfect style that appeased the crowd, a delicate recipe for music that changes depending on who’s listening.

“We always make what we want to make, but we put into our sets different things based on the crowd,” Leighton said, “If we’re headlining [Electric Daisy Carnival], we’re not just going to drop hardcore track after hardcore track  that’s when we’d mix in other Top 40 stuff.”

At Howlin’ Wolf, the general ambience of chaos led to some crowd surfing and shouting of memorized lyrics. The constantly flashing lights and changing colors along with screens on either side of the stage playing miscellaneous videos and confetti cannons created a perfect atmosphere for the energetic track list. 

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