Costume restrictions for Ghoulman Stadium


Dara Tucker, Staff Reporter

The first-ever “Ghoulman Stadium Spooktacular” will be hosted at Yulman Stadium when Tulane football takes on Cincinnati at 7 p.m. Friday.

Students are encouraged to dress in costume for the game, and a costume contest will also be held with prizes going to the top 3 costumes. Four tickets to this weekend’s Voodoo Fest will also be at stake.

For your best chance at victory, Tulane Athletics asks fans not to wear the following:

  1. Masks or other costume pieces that obscure the face
  2. Any costume that exceeds the confines of your seat
  3. Toys or replica weapons
  4. Any items deemed unsafe or offensive

Follow these rules, and you’re sure to have a scary good time at the game!

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