Queue: School’s back in session


Ready or not, school’s back, and students should feel excited. Ahead is a year full of classes, traditions and, of course, all those nights binge-watching movies. In the spirit of the new school year, watching a few college-themed films can help get incoming students hyped. Here are a few suggestions that will instill spirit, motivation and the urge to party.

22 Jump Street: 3.5/5

Tulane is officially the No. 1 party school in the nation, and “22 Jump Street” will surely get the party vibes flowing. With actors such as Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube and Dave Franco, this movie never fails to elicit knee-slapping laughter.

In the follow up to “21 Jump Street,” in which two police officers (Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum) go undercover to bust drugs in a high school, they are back again, but this time, those “two sons of bitches are going to college!” Sent out on their mission to investigate the new drug on campus, these way-too-old-for-college cops set up right in Tulane’s own Monroe Hall. Throughout the movie these men are all over campus, even jumping off the ledges between Percival Stern Hall and Israel Environmental Sciences Building.

Just try not to jump out of helicopters and start gunfights in between classes.

Boyhood: 4/5

One of the most groundbreaking films of the decade, “Boyhood” is a captivating story of a boy, Mason (Ellar Coltrane), and his family over the course of 12 years. Unlike all other coming-of-age movies, the filming of “Boyhood” actually followed the actors in real time throughout the stages of their lives. According to Logan Hill of Rolling Stone, “there has simply never been anything like this movie,” as it brings sadness, joy, nostalgia and everything in between.

This story shows a boy growing up in a way never before seen in film. “Boyhood” travels with Mason through family road trips, birthdays and graduations. But of course, life isn’t always happy moments. The film also shows his parents’ divorce, his father’s absence, his awkward teenage years and his decision to chase what he wants.

Though not all documented and taking place during college, Mason’s struggle growing up can spark empathy in almost all its viewers. Tulane students will surely be able to see part of themselves reflected in “Boyhood.”

The Social Network: 4/5

The projects created during college can become a student’s entire life. This film documenting the creation of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg’s (Jesse Eisenberg) story shows the emotional ride of one of the most successful student creations ever made.

Set in his days at Harvard College, the movie captures everything Zuckerberg and his friends endured while creating Facebook and watching it explode. This unbelievable story portrays all the drama that went along with it, from Zuckerberg’s being accused of stealing the idea, to differing drastically with his best friend and co-founder (Andrew Garfield) and even wanting to shut it all down.

This drama is sure to keep you hooked the entire time. These captivating actors show everything you never thought about and all the hard work that went into posting a Facebook video of your cat.

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