District Attorney’s Office drops charges against former running back Robert Kelley

Armando Marin, Online News Editor

The Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office has dropped simple robbery and simple battery charges against suspended senior running back Robert Kelley, according to court records posted Tuesday. Kelley was arrested Aug. 25 for allegedly assaulting another student and stealing his bicycle on Aug. 4.

Kelley and his legal team told authorities they believed the student who accused Kelley was beaten up by other students and that Kelley was not involved in the theft of his bicycle. Kelley’s attorney Scott Bickford said in a press release that the evidence was in Kelley’s favor.

“As had been maintained by Mr. Kelley since his arrest in August, there was credible evidence supporting Mr. Kelley’s version of events,” Bickford said.

Tulane has yet to make a decision on whether Kelley will rejoin the Green Wave football team.