Flow Tribe rocks Tipitina’s with energetic performance

With exceptional energy and killer covers, Flow Tribe took the stage at Tipitina’s last Saturday. Technically a funk band, Flow Tribe’s music covered Latin, classic rock, rap, 80s hits and everything in between.

The New Orleans-based band disbanded in 2004 but came back together in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to raise morale and help bring back New Orleans culture. Saturday night, it certainly showcased this New Orleans spirit.

Even while switching through different styles of music, it maintained precision throughout the show, making each song a bigger hit than the last.

On stage, Flow Tribe had a strong presence, not just because it had a party of six on stage. Flow Tribe commanded the audience’s attention and managed to keep everyone grooving and having a good time, a large feat for what ended up being a nearly three-hour show.

The band was a bit late to get on stage, but the producer for its most recent album took to the stage as impromptu DJ and entertained the waiting audience with a series of remixes and a musical flashback to the 80s.

Highlights included a mashup of “I” by Kendrick Lamar with Destiny’s Child and a rendition of “Another Brick in the Wall.” From Tulane students to middle-aged couples to old men plugging their jazz group, several New Orleans demographics were represented in the audience.

Overall, the show did not disappoint, and Flow Tribe is not a band to be missed. The group is currently on its “Boss” tour across the southern U.S., and copies of the album can be picked up on CD and Vinyl or streamed on Spotify, Google Music and iTunes.

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