Silent Disco keeps party on campus Friday

Madeleine Swanstrom, Contributing Reporter

It’s safe to say that Tulane students are always up for a party. Though they usually don’t find these parties at school-sponsored events, this Friday it will not be necessary to venture off campus.

Tulane After Dark, a Tulane University Campus Programming committee, will put on “Silent Disco” 8-11 p.m. Friday in the Lavin-Bernick Center’s Kendall Cram Room. The unique and free event will have students listen and dance to music through headphones rather than speakers. TAD Chair Lydia Curdts said that the silent disco is practically a brand-new experience to Tulane’s campus.

“This is the first-ever TAD-sponsored silent disco,” Curdts said.

Curdts said Tulane sponsored a similar on-campus event in past years outside during the daytime. This year, the disco takes place at night.

Some may have heard about or even attended silent discos held at music festivals such as The Governors Ball or Bonnaroo. Curdts, along with TAD Public Relations Chair Jacqueline McLennan, expects the event to be energetic.

“It should be a really good time,” Curdts said. “You can just come and hang out with friends and listen to music.”

Three different DJs will provide the music and disco attendees will be able to switch between stations according to their mood.

“One of them is Top 40, pop kind of stuff,” Curdts said. “Another one will be ’90s throwback. The last one is a grab bag.”

Curdts and other TAD members are working to make the disco an annual event that people can look forward to.

“We’re hoping to create events that will have more of a lasting impact than the night they happened,” Curdts said.

TAD is also trying to accomplish this goal with monthly trivia nights held throughout the year in City Diner. Other TAD events this year include an Oct. 18 ghost tour in the French Quarter and multiple movie showings in Kendall Cram. 

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