Denzel Curry wows rowdy crowd with new tunes, balanced performance

Sam Ergina, Staff Reporter

Destined to occupy the forefront of mainstream rap, 19-year-old Denzel Curry flowed impressively over bumping bass lines and hard-hitting beats Tuesday at the House of Blues with North Carolina-based rapper, Deniro Farrar.

Curry said he attempts to distinguish himself from the plethora of artists making gangster rap music.

“I would say the art that I see around me, in galleries, in pictures and movies, all that inspires my rapping,” Curry said. “I mix that with real life situations … but I put my own twist to it.”

Curry’s passionate fans were more than ready for him after the energetic opening acts. Curry started off with new material that will be released on two new mixtapes coming out later this fall. He consistently radiated enthusiasm, raising his energy with each forceful bar. The crowd eagerly matched his intensity.

Pushing, shoving, water spraying and general pandemonium ensued as Curry began rapping from his most recent album, “Nostalgic 64.” Flashing lights on stage and the sparks in the audience lit up the small, dim atmosphere of the Parish section. Curry ended his set with his biggest hit, “Threatz,” by which time his fans shouldered most of the lyrical load for him. Unlike some hip-hop artists who require a studio to properly perform their music, Curry’s live efforts proved as rhythmic and intense as their recorded counterparts.

The hip-hop world is currently experiencing a renaissance of sorts arising from young, extremely promising artists like Curry. These emerging artists boast updated sounds from the famous regions of hip-hop history legends.

The east coast produced Joey Bada$$, who mirrors the soulful New York spirit of Nas. The Midwest countered with Chance the Rapper, whose candid lyrics bring old Kanye West to mind. Earl Sweatshirt and Odd Future brought back the West Coast with hardened lyrics over bare beats. From the South, Curry channels versatility reminiscent of young Outkast.

Curry’s ability to balance potent lyricism and fresh production will lead to similar mainstream success. 

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