Boil Water advisory lifted after more than 27 hours

Lily Milwit , Senior Staff Reporter

After more than 27 hours under a Boil Water advisory that affected all of the east bank of New Orleans, city officials lifted the advisory. Students and community members received a “TU Alert” text message notification and subsequent email around 11:10 a.m. Thursday (Sept. 21) informing Tulane affiliates that the Boil Water advisory was no longer in effect.

Loyola University of New Orleans students received additional information from the university’s Office of Emergency Management, informing them that “Bacteriological tests confirmed that water in the area remains safe to drink and can be used for personal needs.”

During the Boil Water advisory Wednesday and early Thursday morning, signs on restrooms and water fountains across campus informed students of the advisory and cautioned them against drinking or using the water. Bruff Commons and some residence halls also supplied bottled water to students on campus.

This week’s Boil Water advisory was the 12th since 2010, and is thought to have been caused, in part, by a turbine generator power fluctuation that cause a pressure drop in New Orleans’s drinking water pipes. An investigation into why the turbine malfunctioned is currently underway.