Landlady visits New Orleans in hopes of gaining “an audience of human beings”

Clara Beaumont, Contributing Reporter

Landlady, a Brooklyn-based band, will perform songs from its newest album, “Upright Behavior” 9 p.m. Friday at the Hi Ho Lounge, 

While studying at New York University in 2011, Landlady’s creator, Adam Schatz, wanted a project.

“The original inspiration was just to do something new,” Schatz said. “Initially, I wanted a band that could do anything.”

“Upright Behavior” begins with a striking classic rock feel, but later turns toward jazz-inspired undertones and slower alternative melodies. The jazzy undertones are only natural for Schatz.

“I grew up playing saxophone and piano and went to college at NYU to study saxophone,” Schatz said. “I did a lot of formal music training but throughout always played in a rock band.”

Even from a young age, the saxophone was an easy choice for Schatz.

“When I was a first grader, I saw a fifth grader play the saxophone and thought it was cool,” Schatz said.  

This kind of free-spirited decision-making remains key, not only to Schatz’s personality, but also to Landlady’s band image. The band’s name doesn’t exactly derive any sort of transcendental meaning.

“I liked the word ‘landlady,'” Schatz said. “There’s a boldness and humor to it.”

As far as Landlady’s goal and audience, Schatz described it in uncomplicated terms.

“Our goal is to reach as many people as possible … an audience of human beings … and get them to feel something significant and extraordinary with a song or a performance,” Schatz said. “It’s sort of a simple goal, but it’s an easy one to be dedicated to.”

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