Arcade Fire left audience ‘Infinitely Content’ with New Orleans performance

On September 26, Arcade Fire treated New Orleans to an impressive performance as its Infinite Content tour came to the University of New Orleans Lakefront Arena.

The stage was set up as a boxing arena, ropes and all, and fans crowded around as Arcade Fire brought the energy of an impressive 22-round match. In this case, the 22-song setlist spanned all five of its studio albums, from 2004’s “Funeral” to 2017’s “Everything Now.” The band’s most recent album was recorded in New Orleans.

The Grammy-winning band opened with “Everything Now,” immediately energizing the audience. All 10 members moved around the stage, swapping instruments and dancing wildly to hits such as “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)” or “Here Comes the Night Time.”

The band is comprised of Win Butler and his wife, Régine Chassagne, and the two of them provide most of the vocals in addition to playing the guitar, drums and keys. Win’s younger brother, Will, provides his talent on the synthesizer, percussion and guitar. Other members include Richard Reed Parry, Tim Kingsbury, Jeremy Gara and Sarah Neufeld, among several guest touring members.

Above the square boxing arena stage on all sides were LED screens that flashed creative designs and messages related to the current track. During “Neon Bible,” the promotional art for the 2007 album took over the screen, reminding fans of the way religion works into the band’s music. In “Signs of Life,” the display from a heart monitor looped over live footage of the band on stage.

Win, the heavyweight champion of the show, gave it his all with tracks “Ready to Start” and “No Cars Go.” Régine charmed the audience with her dance moves and vocals in “Electric Blue” and “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains).” Both worked together, rotating around the square stage and playing to each of the different sides of the arena.

Flashing vertical lights and disco balls created an environment fit for dancing. Arcade Fire encouraged members of the audience to move around the square stage, saying it would be a very interactive show.

During “Reflektor,” Régine came out into the audience to dance underneath the disco ball. The band even brought out Haitian dancers for the 2004 track “Haiti” in honor of Régine’s familial ties to the island and the recent devastation by the hurricanes in the Caribbean. Even slower songs such as “The Suburbs” had fans swaying back and forth with the music.

Arcade Fire closed its show with an encore featuring “We Don’t Deserve Love” from the 2017 album. During the song, Win came out into the audience with his guitar and walked around serenading the audience. After a reprise of “Everything Now (continued),” the band broke into “Wake Up,” its hit from the 2004 album “Funeral.” A rollercoaster of emotions overwhelmed the audience as the Preservation Hall Jazz Band joined them in one last song before the duo performed a second line parade out of the arena.

Arcade Fire gave an impressive, heartwarming performance that left spectators in awe. As fans walked out the door, they left humming the chorus of “Wake Up” as they headed off into the night.

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