Intersectional Netflix binge list for break

Here are some shows to watch for winter break, or anytime throughout the year.

Dear White People
This down-to-earth comedy, based on a movie by the same name, centers on POC students at Winchester, a predominantly white institution. Drenched with racial injustice and problematic rhetoric, the students, led by radio host Samantha White (Logan Browning), attempt to address ignorance on campus while figuring out college life. How hard is it to navigate party culture without encountering black-face? A lot harder than you think.

As activists, the students face many challenges–their biggest one being the administration itself. But Samantha’s got her own problem: she might be falling in love. Can she keep her love life on the down-low and maintain her social justice warrior status?

Complete with one-liners and clapbacks that’ll make you say, “BLOOP,” Dear White People is the perfect binge for the friend group that wishes to be a little more socially conscious in the upcoming semester. Samantha White and her crew are just getting started.

Chewing Gum
Cuffing season is here and what better way to celebrate than to follow the life of Tracey Gordon (Michaela Cole), an English store clerk who’s just looking to learn about life… . And lose her virginity.

A comedy like no other, Chewing Gum mixes the reality of awkward first dates with awkward first times, and Tracey isn’t striving to be the shy girl that no one notices is beautiful until she puts on a hint of makeup. She’s a strong, independent(ish), black woman who challenges the boundaries by which society sets intellect and beauty. By keeping to her signature long braids, pastel clothing, and unusual quirkiness, Tracey Gordon sets her own standard of beauty and outshines us all.

Chewing Gum will have you rooting for Tracey to just figure out her life. The show has two very binge-worthy seasons, but trust us, you’ll want more.


Sense8, Netflix’s sci-fi drama, features eight characters who, despite being completely different, find themselves mysteriously connected. With characters from seven different countries, this show takes you around the world in two seasons.

Not only does Sense8 have the mystery and thrill of sci-fi, but it follows each character around the drama of their daily lives. With eight characters of different identities and cultures, they help each other navigate their personal turmoils while uniting against their common enemy. From outrageous crimes to personal relationships, the show covers it all.

With all the globetrotting, however, Netflix cancelled the show due to its enormous budget. After many letters and petitions from fans, it will close up with a two-hour finale coming in 2018.

She’s Gotta Have It
Who’s to say you can’t remake your own movie? That’s what Spike Lee did with this hit 1986 movie-turned-Netflix-show. She’s Gotta Have It follows black artist Nola Darling (DeWanda Wise) as she navigates her relationships and career in a gentrifying Brooklyn.

With four suitors, mature Jamie (Lyriq Bent), model Greer (Cleo Anthony), funny guy Mars (Anthony Ramos), and mother Opal (Ilfenesh Hadera), Nola struggles to balance their expectations with her desire for freedom. Her romantic situation offers a fresh breath of air, with the men all wanting more from her then she wants to give. Nola’s art starts as gorgeous portraits of black women and throughout the show her work develops, always connecting her personal life back to role as an artist. Not only does the plot relay themes of intersectional feminism, but it shows these ideas in the art featured throughout the show.

As the series builds up, it leaves the question, does she really have it?

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