The Price to Be Queer looks to create a dialogue on the intersectionality of LGBTQ+ dynamics

Flyer for the event this Wednesday

Flyer for the event this Wednesday

“Within Black Greek Life, heterosexuality is considered the norm amongst its members and therefore gets perpetuated, leaving people who identify otherwise out of the conversation,” Sydney Monix, vice president of the Nu Mu Citywide Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, said.

Recognizing lack of intersectionality in discussion, Monix and other members of Delta Sigma Theta on Tulane’s and Loyola’s campuses are working to address this issue with their upcoming program “The Price to Be Queer.”

“The Price To Be Queer” is a roundtable discussion taking place in Paterson House Lobby this Wednesday at 7:13 p.m. The discussion will center on LGBTQ+ issues, intersectionality and how to create change in these areas.

The Deltas understand that discussing these issues can be difficult, but hope it will help to open dialogue.

“A dialogue on this topic is important because not only are conversations about LGBTQIA+ dynamics and sexuality in general framed as taboo or viewed from strictly academic lenses, but these conversations are rarely happening within Greek Life (specifically Black Greek Letter Organizations),” Monix said.

This theme relates to the sorority’s overall commitment to action and service in their group and for their community.

“We have and currently are comprised of leaders dedicated to change, social action, and public service to the Black community,” Monix said. “We as chapter members live up to this standard and enact change and action to our various communities, focusing on engaging the Tulane, Loyola and New Orleans communities.”

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