Students represent brands as campus ambassadors


Courtesy of Reagan Anthony

Freshman Reagan Anthony is a campus ambassador for Lo+Jo Bands.

No one likes to shop quite like college students. Many companies know the best way to snag young customers is through college campus brand ambassadors.

Campus ambassadors are students hired by a specific company to promote their brand, and they can be found all over Tulane’s campus. The job of a campus ambassador is not only to spread awareness of a brand, but also gauge how a young demographic responds to the product.

Freshman Reagan Anthony, an ambassador for tailgate clothing company Lo+Jo Bands, described her main duty with the company.

“My role is to post on social media, like Facebook and Instagram, and also host trunk shows,” Anthony said.

Anthony does not know if she will continue to work for Lo+Jo Bands in the future but plans to finish out the year.

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“I don’t want to go into fashion marketing or advertisement when I grow up, but it’s something that I find to be a really cool process now,” Anthony said.

Stephen Hahn, who is a sophomore ambassador for Monster energy, says being a brand ambassador has provided him with numerous benefits, including meeting new people.

“I’ve honestly met more people because people now know me as the ‘monster man,’ so they’ll text me or snapchat me and ask to come pick up a case,” Hahn said.

Both Anthony and Hahn described the application process as fairly easy, saying they just found the job online, sent in the application and were hired.

Most companies offer payment in some form, such as gift cards, free merchandise, or actual money, so there are some financial benefits for students. Anthony receives 10 percent of earnings from trunk shows and Hahn benefits from free drinks and a monthly salary.

Emily Godsick, senior and representative for Universal Pictures, has a little bit of a different role with her company.

“As a Campus Marketing Representative, I promote NBC TV shows and Universal Pictures films through promotional events near and on campus,” Godsick said. “Another big part of my job is to hold advanced screenings of Universal films at Prytania Theater so I can report back to my bosses on crowd reactions.”

She also explained how student have a misconception about the difficulty in talking remotely to company bosses.

“These programs wouldn’t exist if your bosses didn’t make it easy to communicate with them,” Godsick said. “They are extremely responsive and want this to be an experience you learn from.”

Campus ambassadors use their personal skills to represent brands on Tulane’s campus. Many are also enjoying the financial benefits that go along with the job.

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