Guide to NSLP’s new leadership opportunities


Courtesy of NSLP

New Student & Leadership Programs, situated in the Student Organization Center, has created a number of new leadership programs for students this year.

The Office of New Student & Leadership Programs focuses on ensuring that all Tulane students understand their potential for leadership. With the restructuring of New Student Orientation, NSLP has opened a number of leadership opportunities for students on campus.

New Student Orientation

Students can apply to be Wave Leaders, which replaces the old role of Orientation Coordinators. The unpaid job is similar to OCs but focuses more intensely on leaders facilitating important conversations with incoming freshmen.

Wave Leaders answer to the Board of Directors, which takes the place of the Orientation Team Leader job. Instead of serving as more senior OCs, the Board of Directors will take on specific roles.

There are six directors, which are all paid by the Office. Directors of staff recruitment are responsible for recruiting Wave Leaders, directors of staff development are responsible for training the Wave Leader team, directors of educational programs are responsible for planning the education sessions for orientation and directors of affinity-building are responsible for planning the social functions for orientation.

Emerging Leaders Program

Once students have completed orientation and are adjusted to campus life, NSLP has another new program for students to cultivate leadership skills. The opportunity should not be confused with the Freshman Leadership Program, which is a separate cohort run by the Undergraduate Student Government.

According to the ELP proposal: “Students selected for the Emerging Leaders Program will participate in workshops that highlight tenets of the leadership framework. Each workshop will focus on the following tenets: a sense of possibility, self-awareness, social consciousness and civic mindedness, empathic and reciprocal relationships, vision, actionable plans, and reflection and assessment.”

The program will last six weeks and span topics like conflict resolution, diversity and goal-setting. ELP launched last fall, and its second cohort will be selected next August. Next year, the program will see the addition of student leaders serving as mentors for the incoming cohort.

Rising Tide Leadership Summit

Created by NSLP Program Coordinator Andres Gonzalez, the Rising Tide Leadership Summit will be a day-long event, featuring students, staff and faculty speaking on the topic of leadership. The event is new this year and will take place on March 10 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Students were able to apply to lead a session. Cameron Cooper, Henry Stoddard and Ben Rogers will speak at the event. The RTLS is free and intended for student leaders on campus.

Transfer Mentors

To provide support to transfer students, the transfer mentor position was established. They will work with new students throughout the orientation process and into the year.

The unpaid position was created this year for students who do not receive the same resources as incoming freshmen attending New Student Orientation. The role is similar to that of a Wave Leader but for transfer students.

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