The method behind the madness: Tulane Athletics’ strategic communications team works to improve Green Wave sports

The method behind the madness: Tulane Athletics strategic communications team works to improve Green Wave sports

Each week, The Hullabaloo’s Sports staff examines the latest match-ups of Green Wave teams across campus. This coverage and the athletic games themselves, however,  would not be possible without the work of the strategic communications team in Tulane Athletics. This week, the section decided to spotlight these four staff members who work day in and day out to keep Tulane informed about each basket made and home run scored.

Eric Hollier: 

Hometown: Hollier hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He attended Louisiana State University before graduating and moving to New Orleans to work at Tulane as an intern. After a year, Hollier transferred to the University of Tulsa and worked there for eight years before returning to Tulane in December 2016.

Why he chose this career path: As a kid, Hollier would accompany his uncle to the LSU printing room and read articles about athletics. He found himself fascinated by the statistics of each player, and he began to build a base of information he hoped he could one day use. As he grew older, Hollier knew public relations would be his career, but sports would always be his interest. He was able to bring these two passions together into one career path here at Tulane.

Favorite aspect about Tulane: Hollier loves working with the student-athletes. These students, according to him, are always receptive to any advice the team gives and are always willing to help promote Tulane Athletics.

Advice for those who hope to follow this same career path: Reading and writing are must-have skills. When one steps into this career, they must be ready to write stories and conduct interviews. In addition, networking will help with different opportunities, and Hollier encourages interested students to reach out to Tulane Athletics.

Oliver Grigg:

Hometown: Grigg hails from New York, but he came to New Orleans to attend Tulane as an undergrad. He graduated in May 2017 and is now working in Tulane Athletics as a graduate assistant. In addition, Grigg was a sports editor for The Hullabaloo during his freshman and sophomore years at Tulane.

Why he chose this career path: Similar to Hollier, Grigg enjoyed reading sports articles and memorizing statistics. He said his passion was formulated through a cycle of reading, writing and sports.

Favorite aspect about Tulane: Grigg says he is working for his favorite team. Ever since freshman year, he has been following the ups and downs of the Wave. Now working on the other side of it, he enjoys being a part of his home team.

Advice for those who hope to follow this same career path: Being a team player is one of the most important aspects of working in this field. One must gain experience in order to move up, and working with others and making oneself available to help your team makes one very valuable.

Evan Drexler:

Hometown: Originally from Miami, Drexler attended the University of Florida and studied journalism. He also was a sports editor for his school newspaper and then transitioned to working for The Miami Herald for two years before coming to Tulane in November 2017.

Why he chose this career path: During high school, Drexler only joined the newspaper to get into sporting events for free. This spurred a love for journalism in association with his passion for sports. After working for The Herald, he began to notice the decline of newspapers, and he moved into media communications.

Favorite aspect about Tulane: Each and every member of the team works together very well and has a passion for journalism. Everyone in his department is working toward the common goal of expanding the communications center, and he loves the overall enthusiasm. It makes the job less stressful and more enjoyable.

Advice for those who hope to follow this same career path: Putting oneself into the field at a young age is important for an aspiring journalist. As an undergraduate, it is important to become involved as soon as possible. If one knows how to write a story or press release, that person will be held in higher esteem than any other job candidate. One should build relationships and find ways to get recommendations as well.

Adam Miller:

Hometown: Born and raised in New York, Miller traveled south for his college years at St. Leo University in Tampa. He graduated and completed an internship at Duke University. Miller finally came to New Orleans and began working for Tulane Athletics in September 2017.

Why he chose this career path: The love of journalism began in high school for Miller as well. During college, he began to work in the sports information department and found he loved analyzing sports data. He also realized he could use this information to create publicity for specific sports teams, leading him to his career today.

Favorite aspect about Tulane: The students here truly emphasize the meaning of “student-athlete.” After working with students who are barely eligible with a 2.0 GPA, Miller finds it refreshing to work with athletes who put academics first. He loves to see these students working towards becoming an all-conference athlete and maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

Advice for those who hope to follow this same career path: Being a people person is imperative to work in this field. One also must be comfortable with contacting and approaching complete strangers. Miller also alludes to the idea that the more skills one has, the better. Having a background in writing and layout would make the process much easier on the applicant.

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