Day in the Life: Mail Services


Josh Axelrod | Senior Staff Photographer

Junior Henry Johnson spends hours at Tulane Mail Services, handing students their packages and assisting with their mail needs.

Outside of classes, extra-curricular activities and social lives, many students work on-campus jobs in their remaining free time. The Hullabaloo’s new column, Day in the Life, puts the spotlight on these students and steps behind the desk to see what their shifts are really like.

Behind the Tulane Mail Services‘ counter are hard-working students who service the Tulane community by sorting and distributing its packages. One of these student workers is Tulane junior Henry Johnson.

Johnson has worked in Mail Services since his first semester freshman year. Currently, he works the nine-to-one shift at one of five package-pickup windows in Bruff Commons. The first few hours of his shift are nice and rarely busy, and this downtime gives him the opportunity to study and complete work for his classes.

When lunchtime rolls around, business picks up. Students headed to Bruff Commons make a stop at Mail Services to pick up their packages. Johnson fetches them dutifully. Johnson’s other duties include sorting mail and helping students buy replacement mailbox keys.

“Sometimes it can be pretty hectic,” Johnson said. “A line can go all the way out the door.”

Despite the monotony, Johnson enjoys working in Mail Services. He said it gives him the opportunity to see new faces.

“I know people before I meet them,” Johnson said. “I have opinions on people before I meet them sometimes. When I meet people, they’re just like, ‘Oh yeah you work in the mailroom,’ and we’re friends pretty much all ready.”

Johnson also said he thinks working for Tulane has prepared him for a career in the outside world.

“It’s really nice having a job that I’ve had for such an extended period of time before I entered the actual workforce,” Johnson said. “I feel like it gives me a sense of sustainability.”

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