Red Bull gives students the wings to travel Europe


The Bayou Krewe wore matching outfits during the second day of the challenge. | Photo Courtesy of Bayou Krewe

Red Bull is a way of life. The ideal energy drink for athletic endeavors, pulling all-nighters and chasing vodka, this is the beverage of winners — and for three Tulane students, it may become just that and more.

For the past few years, Red Bull has held Can You Make It?, an event where more than 200 teams of three students from more than 60 countries compete to race across Europe, traveling from various starting points to the finish line in Amsterdam within seven days. The catch? They can only use Red Bull as currency.

Teams cannot use cash, credit or debit cards, Uber or Venmo. According to the official website, “Teams will have to rely on their bartering skills and charm to trade Red Bull for everything they need on the journey — food, a place to sleep, transportation to the next location and other adventures that make the experience truly epic.”

After all, Red Bull transcends all other forms of currency. Including the sugar equivalent of cardiac arrest in a can, more caffeine than an English major’s bloodstream and an acid content that could corrode metal, Red Bull is truly the drink of champions.

Each team begins its cross-continental trek with 24 cans of Red Bull, having the opportunity to earn more at six separate checkpoints from their respective starting locations. Starting points include Budapest, Manchester, Stockholm and Rome.

Sounds simple, right? All teams have to do is get from point A to point B within seven days, using only an iconic energy drink as currency. It’s a fun, difficult and rewarding mission — and it’s being attempted by three daring Tulanians.

Tulane seniors Ethan Gasta, Jeffrey Nagler and Nick Feichtel — AKA The Bayou Krewe — are ready to make Mike Fitts proud. Hailing from Connecticut, Florida and Arizona, the team is an all-star cross-disciplinary squad set on adventuring its way across Europe.

The Bayou Krewe is confident in its ability to both have fun and succeed.

“We are three adventurous individuals trying to make the most of our senior year and are ready for any challenge we may face,” the team stated in its official bio. “When combining our diverse temperaments, talents, and convictions into one team, we know that we will make it.”

Clearly, these seniors are ready to Roll Wave all the way to Amsterdam.

“We’re going to Copenhagen!! Thanks to these two beautiful people for trading us train tickets,” read this photo’s caption. | Photo Courtesy of Bayou Krewe

And what does the winning team earn upon arrival? Good question. In characteristic Red Bull fashion, each of the victors’ potential prizes is an appropriately adventurous and adrenaline-fueled four- or seven-day trip.

Red Bull’s trips include an extreme sailing voyage with two-time Olympic champs, a gravity-defying raceplane thrill ride plus VIP viewing of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship in Budapest and a relaxing beachside excursion with Peruvian world champion surfer Sofia Mulanovich.

As truly amazing and unforgettable as these trips certainly are, it’s important not to forget about the competition. Though formidable, The Bayou Krewe is far from unopposed in their quest. There are, after all, over 200 teams from across the world competing for these prizes.

Can You Make It? began this week, kicking off April 10. Tulane’s very own Bayou Krewe will embarked upon its perilous journey from Stockholm, Sweden, and has seven days to reach Amsterdam. That’s a whopping 1351 kilometers for Tulane to market the Only the Audacious campaign. Europe isn’t ready.

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