NFL Picks: Week 4

Minnesota Vikings @ Los Angeles Rams

How … how in the world does one lose 27-6 to the previously winless Buffalo Bills? Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen, a rookie out of the University of Wyoming, utterly dismantled the hyped-up Minnesota defense in week three in what can be characterized as a show of utter force. Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins definitely did not “like that,” and certainly will not like the looks of his upcoming undefeated opponent from the City of Angels.

My pick: Los Angeles Rams

Cincinnati Bengals @ Atlanta Falcons

While Cincinnati has shared the “doormat to the AFC North” title with the Cleveland Browns for quite some time, the team has begun the 2018-19 season fairly hot, averaging over 30 points per game in its first three contests. This success, however, leans on the play of running back Joe Mixon and star wide receiver A.J. Green, both of whom may not be available for week four. With this in mind, it is quite difficult to envision the Bengals overpowering the Atlanta offense. I like Matt Ryan’s Atlanta squad here.

My pick: Atlanta Falcons

Buffalo Bills @ Green Bay Packers

I get it. Josh Allen and the Bills dropped 27 points on the Vikings defense in week three. That is quite the feat. The team will not, however, be able to repeat this performance over a hungry but penalty-plagued Packers team. Remember when Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers said “R-E-L-A-X” after suffering a similar slow start in 2014? I do. What happened later that year? He won MVP.

My pick: Green Bay Packers

Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots

Are the perennial Super Bowl contender New England Patriots finally slowing down? After going a measly 1-2 through week three, the question is open for debate. But in the short-run, can the now-division leading Dolphins continue picking apart this struggling powerhouse? With how Miami has been playing so far, I don’t see why not.

My pick: Miami Dolphins

Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals

Neither the Seahawks or the Cardinals have been anywhere close to impressive through week three. The “Legion of Boom” is all but dead, Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson has no offensive weapons outside Tyler Lockett, and Arizona has … just about nothing besides superstar wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. While neither team looks good on paper this year, one has a star quarterback, the other does not. Wilson’s presence on the field gives Seattle the edge in this one.

My pick: Seattle Seahawks

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