OTP: Sports Edition

Daisy Rymer | Sports Layout Editor

Many students remember the flutter in their middle school hearts as they watched Troy and Gabriella kiss for the first time in High School Musical 2. From that moment on, avid fans saw them as a “One True Pairing.” Colloquially known as an OTP, these are couples that go above and beyond the standard of cute-couple behavior without passing into cringey-clingy territory. This week, The Hullabaloo is honoring a few of our athletics OTP’s – spOrTPs, if you will.

Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers: The pair no one saw coming

Rodgers and Patrick initially met at the 2012 ESPY Awards, while Danica was still married and Aaron was still getting his feet wet as a star in the NFL. Each went through turbulent subsequent years, as Danica finalized a divorce and a had a brief stint with a NASCAR driver while Rodgers met, dated and eventually split from Olivia Munn after three years.

In early 2018, six years after meeting, the Rodgers and Patrick confirmed they were in a relationship. Despite Danica’s roots as a Chicago Bears fan (arguably the greatest rival of Rodgers’ team, the Green Bay Packers), Patrick has seemingly shifted her long-held loyalty in support of her boyfriend, now proclaiming herself as “the biggest Packers fan.”

The two now seem to be happily settled together, making their debut on the red carpet at none other than the 2018 ESPYS. Shortly after, Patrick had the chance to witness a hobbled Aaron lead the Packers to a storybook comeback win over the Bears. Danica’s loyalty to her new team – and her boyfriend – seem to be unchanging for the foreseeable future.

Kerri Walsh-Jennings and Casey Jennings: Beach Volleyball Power Couple

The beach volleyball pair originally came together in 2001 as they were both working towards the Association of Volleyball Professionals, AVP. After both achieved this goal, they began their relationship and eventually married in 2004. This was the same year that Walsh-Jennings and Misty May-Treanor claimed victory in their olympic debut in Athens. Casey Jennings also scored big this year, scoring within the top 10 in the annual the AVP tournament.

Walsh-Jennings and Jennings have both worked to maintain their marriage even through the h ardships of constant trainings and long nights. The pair have three children, Joseph, Sundance and Scout. Walsh-Jennings proved her commitment to both volleyball and family in 2012 as she won the gold medal while pregnant with Scout.

Many marriages, however, have a series of ups and downs. Walsh-Jennings has described numerous times the “journey” the pair goes through together. After competing and succeeding in many AVP tournaments together, the pair has learned how to work to one another’s strengths, both on and off of the sand.

Misty May-Treanor and Matt Treanor: Diamonds in the Sandy Rough

Although they don’t play the same sport, the dynamic duo of a Olympic beach volleyball champion and former Major League Baseball player certainly cause hearts to melt.

Initially, the couple met in 2003 at a Sports Therapy Center in Orange County, California. The former Los Angeles Dodgers catcher was taken back by May-Treanor’s beauty, and he was too shy to approach her due to her “mystical beauty.” May-Treanor, however, shared this same interest and turned down another blind date in case an opportunity with Matt were to arise. This opportunity did come to fruition, fortunately, and the pair were married shortly after in 2004.

This adorable pair has been spotted on a couple occasions “sampling each another’s sports.” May-Treanor works it up in the batting cage with her husband, while the former catcher seeks to evade the three-time Olympic medalist’s hardest spikes. Treanor actively shares his appreciation for his wife, as she came into his life “at the right time,” and they (hopefully) will live happily ever after.

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