Letter to the Editor: Transgender Rights

Dear Editor,

On Sunday, The New York Times reported on an effort by our federal government to undermine the existence of transgender, intersex and gender-diverse Americans. The Department of Health and Human Services is attempting to redefine gender to legally and politically erase the gender identity of over 1.4 million Americans. If adopted, the new definition would prevent gender-diverse people from accessing the services and protections they deserve. This constitutes an attack on the rights of gender-diverse Americans. It constitutes an attack on humanity.

On Tuesday, the Tulane community sent a message. One hundred fifty-seven students, faculty and student organizations signed their support for the “Resolution to Affirm the Rights and Identities of Transgender Tulanians.” The Undergraduate Student Government passed the resolution unanimously.

Now, we want to send a new message, not just to Tulane, not just to New Orleans, but to every single gender-diverse person in the United States of America: Every one of us will fulfill our duty to protect our fellow human beings. We will not rest until you and all people are treated with the respect and dignity that humans deserve.

To those who would deny people this most fundamental respect: We will not stand for exclusion or erasure. We will not stand for hate. As the next generation of American leaders, we stand against you.

With humanity,

Eva Dils ‘20, Kennon Stewart ‘21, and Peter Kintner ‘19

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