Optimizing Personal Hairstyles for Halloween Costumes

Emily Meyer | Senior Staff Artist

Are you in search of a simple last minute Halloween costume that requires minimal effort? Then look no further! Coordinating your costume to match the hairstyle you already have is easy and effective, making your look easily recognizable while minimizing the strain on your brain and wallet.

Short hair

  1. If you’re currently sporting a blonde bob, look to Margot Tenenbaum from “The Royal Tenenbaums.” In the film, Gwyneth Paltrow rocks a striped polo dress, barrettes and loads of kohl-black eyeliner. The fur coat is optional, but make sure to perfect your blankest and most blase expression to truly embody Margot.
  2. For those with short brown hair, consider Velma! Pop on an orange top, a red skirt, and a pair of glasses and you’ll easily pass as the brainiest member of the Mystery Inc. gang.
  3. If you have cropped black hair and an air of dignified disdain, try Severus Snape! All you need is a flowing black wizard robe, lightly greased hair, and a sly smirk to complete the look.
  4. For those with short red locks, consider Andie from “Pretty in Pink.” Fluff your hair with a round brush and don your most gaudy pink dress to finally fulfill your 1980s prom dreams.
  5. If you rock your hair short and natural, look to Janelle Monae. Sweep your hair up into a pompadour and put on your sharpest monochromatic suit to embody the iconic singer.

Long hair

  1. For those with flowing blonde locks, look to Cher Horowitz from the quintessential 90s film “Clueless.” Don your brightest shade of yellow plaid, white knee high socks and heels to personify the iconic character.
  2. If you have long brown hair and an air of dignified grace, consider Holly Golightly from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Twist your hair into a sleek updo, slip into your favorite little black dress and wear your best costume diamonds to complete the timeless look.
  3. For those who wear their hair long and natural, look to Penny Proud from “The Proud Family.” All you need is a white collared shirt, cardigan, dark skirt, and tennis shoes. Tie your hair into pigtails and draw on a birthmark to complete the look.
  4. For those with boundless black locks, consider Morticia Addams! With a long black dress, red lipstick, and drastically contoured cheekbones you too can be as frighteningly beautiful and gothic as Morticia.
  5. If you are a long-haired ginger, consider Kim Possible! Pop on a black crop top, army green pants, a chunky belt, and combat boots to embody the crime fighter.

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