Freshmen’s Guide to Successful Spring 2019 Scheduling

Sophia Viscuso | Photography Associate

It may feel like the semester just started, but class registration for Spring 2019 is coming up fast — for some, it may already be here. Upperclassmen have already figured out what works for them, but here are some tips for freshmen on how to master your second semester schedule.

Everyone has a different daily timeline that works for them. Some people like all their classes in the morning, while others prefer to sleep in. By now, students should have an idea of their ideal daily schedule, but if you don’t, there are a few things to consider: what times of the day are you most energetic? When do you like to work out? What clubs are you involved in? When do your friends hang out? If you can, try to plan your classes when you feel most focused, and make sure to leave yourself time for personal involvement.

There’s a lot to do on and off campus, and it can be hard to balance everything, so prioritize. Try to remember what you’re passionate about and put that – and yourself – first. Everyone is here to learn, but don’t forget that it’s still important to pursue your personal interests. Finding an enjoyable outlet for your stress and creative energy makes classwork way more manageable.

It may be tempting to try to get all of the hardest classes out of the way at once, but for most people it probably won’t work. Give yourself at least one class per semester that you genuinely enjoy. There are plenty of requirements you can satisfy with surprisingly fun and interesting classes, and you’re bound to meet some awesome people, too. Having a class to look forward to does amazing things for morale, and you can ride that productivity through the rest of your less engaging schoolwork.

Campus rumors about courses aren’t always reliable, but make sure to consider professors before diving into a class. Even the most interesting content can be unbearably dull with a disengaged professor, so consult your friends, upperclassmen and, with a grain of salt, Rate My Professors for advice on who to take. An amazing professor can make Calculus enjoyable for even a Liberal Arts major.

Students at Tulane tend to push themselves hard — that’s why we’re all here. But be wary of loading up on too many credit hours. You probably don’t need to take 22 credits each semester to graduate. Stick to a number you know you can manage given your other commitments. Your grades, sleep schedule and extracurriculars will thank you.

The worst scheduling mistake you can make is to bite off more than you can chew. If the first semester of college is about learning your limits, the second semester is about maximizing your potential within them. With these tips, some self-reflection and a visit to the advising office, you’re sure to make a successful class schedule for next semester.

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