How to stay cozy regardless of weather

Colleen Hugo | Contributing Artist

No matter what the weather app might say, November means cozy time. Despite New Orleans’ lack of changing leaves and the chilly temperatures commonly associated with fall, everyone knows the holiday season is here. Follow these tips to create a cozy holiday vibe that doesn’t rely on a picturesque dusting of snow across campus to feel festive.

For automatic comfort, a hot meal can make a whole world of difference. As you get your daily Panera order at the LBC, switch out that cold, crunchy and uninviting salad for a nice steamy bowl of soup. The power of soup for the soul is real and should not be underestimated. This yummy dish is guaranteed to warm you from the inside out, transporting you back to snow and ice and all things nice.

Nothing says cozy like a pair of fuzzy socks and a sweater. Even if you are wearing shorts and a tank top, adding some socks to your wardrobe will keep your feet happy and protected from the rain and wind outside. If you didn’t get a sweater delivery over parents’ weekend, it’s time to stock up over Thanksgiving. Even if it’s not cold today, one can always hold out hope for a cold spell tomorrow, and even a slight chill (air-conditioned or real) means sweater weather.

Try turning off the heat! If you really want to get into the winter spirit, go without heat and create your own igloo. You will save energy and money and can cozy up by hanging some twinkly lights. Snuggling up under a pile of blankets, making hot cocoa or cookies and watching some classic holiday movies will put you in the spirit.

Don’t let the moderate New Orleans weather ruin your winter spirit. There are so many different ways to get cozy and pretend the world is a winter wonderland this November. And, if all else fails, try this fireplace video to light up your days for as long as there’s a chill in the air.

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