Bandwagon Bootcamp: Becoming a Saints Fan

Hannah Erbrick, Arcade Editor

Emma Vaughters | Layout Editor

Despite the chilly air, the energy in New Orleans is blood-pumping and electric. Mardi Gras is right around the corner; more pressingly, the New Orleans Saints are just one win away from traveling to Atlanta for the Super Bowl on Feb. 3. Some students have their own, albeit less dynamic, home team loyalties, but if you haven’t already joined “Who Dat Nation,” here is your guide to jumping on the bandwagon before Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams.

To truly be Saintsational, you have to look the part. The easiest and most classic way to show team pride is by wearing your favorite player’s jersey. While they are notoriously expensive when bought new, your new Saints jersey doesn’t have to break the bank. Magazine Street is bursting with stores eager to sell Saints gear – you can score a jersey for just a fraction of the cost online. Quarterback Drew Brees’ No. 9 is by far the most popular and common, but if you’re looking to take the road less travelled you can support Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas, Taysom Hill, Wil Lutz, Cameron Jordan or any one of the other talented Saints.

Once you’re decked out in your fresh new clothes, you’ll need somewhere to watch the game. If you have thousands of dollars to burn, you could watch it in the Superdome itself; tickets are going for the low, low price of $248 at the cheapest. In the more-likely case that you’re a bandwagoner on a budget, try any one of the dozens of sports bars around the city, such as Bruno’s Tavern.

Now, let the fun begin. If you don’t know anything about football, follow the reactions of everyone around you – but have caution, because at least half of them are faking, too. If you’ve followed these instructions carefully thus far, no one should question your veracity as a Saints fan. On the off chance they do – maybe they remembered that you’re from Atlanta or that you were wearing a New England Patriots jersey last weekend – DON’T PANIC. This next part is crucial: lie. Claim that you remember exactly where you were when Steve Gleason blocked that punt in 2006 or that you disappeared, despondent, for 36 hours after the Minnesota Miracle. If they persist, just start talking about how much you hate the Atlanta Falcons.

Best of luck blending in with the NOLA natives and lifetime Who Dats as the Saints take on the Rams at 2 p.m. this Sunday.

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