An introduction to ‘The Elephant’ column

Justin Marcano, Views Editor

In the coming issues of The Hullabaloo, the Views section will be publishing a periodic column titled “The Elephant.” The column is based on the common idiom “the elephant in the room,” which refers to an obvious problem that no one wants to discuss. For a long time, as a university, we have decided to stay silent on certain issues that seem too deep-rooted to be excavated.

Following in its namesake, The Elephant will tackle issues on campus which have not been covered in full and seem to be thrown to the wayside of discussions within the Tulane community.

With this distinct platform, the articles will be introspective and honest. After all, The Elephant is not separate from the community — it is very much a part of it. It will be the job of the column to uncover deep-seated axioms and customs that envelop the university. The Elephant is a conscientious observer. It is the job of the column to shine a light on the darker aspects of the university.

Tulane is bursting with history — some of it good and some of it bad. With this history comes a host of ingrained issues which the university has rubbed against for so long that, as a community, we have grown numb to them. Some issues to be tackled in the future include: how the culture of entitlement at Tulane has prevented real change as the climate survey anniversary approaches, the rampant use of the n-word by white students and more.

The column will cover issues which the community may find uncomfortable. The Elephant will not shy away from such sensitive issues. There will be topics which many will find to be “too on the nose.” It may seem as though The Elephant is challenging instead of covering, however, do not mistake conversation for conflict. The Elephant is intended to bring clarity and growth to the community.

In the issues to come, be ready to read with an open-mind and think within as we begin to address the elephant in the room.

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