Tulane students take part in ‘Roleplay’, a play discussing college life, sexual assault

Haley Soares, Arcade Editor

Over the past year, student actors and local theater group Goat in the Road Productions have worked together to create “Roleplay,” an original production dealing with the sexual culture on Tulane’s campus.

Courtesy of Roleplay’s Instagram, @roleplaytu

In 2017 Tulane conducted the Climate Survey on Sexual Misconduct, revealing a shocking and ugly truth about the culture surrounding sex on campus. 

The results were staggering. The survey showed that, among other things, 40.5% of undergraduate women, 51% of LGBTQ+ undergraduate women, 18% of undergraduate men, and 44.3% of LGBTQ+ undergraduate men have experienced sexual assault in their time at Tulane. 

This survey served as the main source of inspiration for “Roleplay,” which followed the stories of several Tulane students over the course of an entire school year. The students, played by actual members of the Tulane community, deal with everything from juggling school work and partying to being the victims of sexual assault and trauma. 

The play portrays students of many underrepresented demographics, particularly LGBTQ+ students and students of color, and gives a glimpse of their experiences as students on this campus. 

“Roleplay” is expertly crafted, causing the audience to burst out in laughter at some points and shed tears at others, striking close to home for many viewers. It managed to cover an incredibly wide range of pressing topics thoroughly and comprehensively without ever feeling rushed or sloppily produced. 

Because it was partially produced by current students, the production felt like an accurate portrayal of college life as opposed to the distance created when adults attempt to portray “youth culture.” Each character represents a different facet of life at Tulane, so the play is almost guaranteed to strike a chord with any viewer.

If you didn’t catch it on opening weekend, do not fret 一 there are several more shows this upcoming weekend. There is also an accompanying documentary about the making of the production which will be completed in 2021. 

Reserve your free tickets now at goatintheroadproductions.org, and catch it this weekend from Thursday to Sunday at the Lupin Theater located in Dixon Hall.

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