Insider look at the Voodoo Experience


Courtesy of Voodoo Music + Arts Experience

Lauren Berg and Haley Soares, Contributing Reporter and Arcade Editor

Voodoo Music + Arts Experience took over City Park in New Orleans this past weekend, drawing crowds for a diverse lineup, art vendors and local food. Many Tulane students celebrated their Halloween early with Voodoo, attending in full costume and high spirits despite the grim weather. 

Students in attendance commented on their experience at Voodoo, speaking their opinions on the lineup and discussing their favorite food vendors. 

The lineup for this year’s festival received mixed reviews, causing many attendees to opt for a one-day pass in order to see only their favorite performers. Student Grace Siwicki made her appearance on Friday, “to see bands like Still Woozy and Moon Taxi.” 

Meanwhile, Nick Pappas sought out Post Malone on Sunday, adding that, “It was also really cool to see Hippo Campus and Big Wild because I didn’t really know many of their songs, but I ended up finding new bands that I really like. I think that’s the really cool thing about music festivals, that you are able to discover new artists that you didn’t know before.” 

Beyond the music, Voodoo also featured many beloved food vendors from all over New Orleans. Siwicki and Pappas both enjoyed the pulled pork nachos from Blue Oak BBQ, one of the seemingly endless food options for festival goers. 

Unfortunately, festival weekend was also graced by storms and turned City Park into a muddy mess. 

“It almost felt like we were walking through a swamp, which is something you do not experience at other festivals,” Siwicki said. 

Student Paige Gulliver appeared at Voodoo for her second year in a row, however, the mud seriously impacted her festival experience. She notes that, “I thought the performers were good, but since it was so muddy in the crowd, there were huge open areas where it should have been packed. You would be standing a couple feet away from the people in front of you, so you couldn’t rave like at other festivals.”

Festival goers managed to make the best of a muddy situation, integrating Voodoo Music + Arts Experience into their uniquely New Orleans Halloween.

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