Urban Outfitters pop-up opens in Tulane bookstore


An ‘Urban Outfitters on Campus’ opened on the second floor of the Tulane University Barnes & Noble bookstore at the start of this school year.

Amy Nankin, News Editor

An Urban Outfitters on Campus shop opened on the second floor of the Tulane University Barnes & Noble bookstore in the Lavin Bernick Center at the start of this school year. The Urban Outfitters pop-up collection is part of a company-wide partnership between Urban Outfitters and Barnes & Noble, and Tulane is one of only 10 college campuses participating in this merger. 

After conversations with the store manager, the university and students, the UO on Campus collection was created. Tulane joined UConn, Georgia Tech, UC Irvine, Lehigh, University of Southern Mississippi, DePaul University Loop Campus, Ohio State, University of Delaware and Mississippi State in participating in this partnership. 

“The goal of the collaboration between Urban Outfitters and [Barnes & Noble College] is to bring the latest Urban Outfitters’ styles and trends directly to students,” Lisa Malat, COO at Barnes & Noble College, said. “Through this partnership we were able to bring UO directly to students, ensuring the Tulane Bookstore offers them everything they want and need for a successful school year.

While the UO Campus shop provides much less merchandise than an entire Urban Outfitters store does, the closest Urban Outfitters store to Tulane’s campus is roughly a 17-minute drive away, so the small pop-up gives students a small selection of Urban Outfitters at a much closer proximity. Students can browse through a variety of merchandise such as home decor, mens and womens clothing, beauty products and accessories tailored to campus life. 

The companies are closely monitoring the progress and success of the UO on Campus shops to make decisions concerning greater expansion opportunities. 

“We are thrilled to bring such a popular brand to the heart of campus for Tulane students,” Malat said. “The reaction thus far has been very positive, and we hope students continue to stop by the store to see what the bookstore has to offer, both in the UO on Campus shop and throughout the rest of the store.”