Tulane Comedy Showcase displays student talent

Haley Soares, Arcade Editor

In the remnants of what once was the beloved City Diner, Tulane University Campus Programming hosted campus comedians with different styles and niche, audience-driven material for the Tulane Comedy Showcase this Tuesday.

Students gathered in the Rathskeller Lounge to partake in a night of sketch comedy, improv and stand up comedy. 

The evening opened with a performance by Office Hours Sketch Comedy, previously known as Cat Mafia. This was the group’s debut under its new name, hoping to make an impression and spread the word about its recent rebranding.

The group took the stage, performing a series of short and sweet sketches ranging in topics from riddling sphinxes to Roblox debates. The crowd was entertained, and the performance set the stage for the rest of the event. 

The stage was next graced by Tulane senior who goes by “Rick.” Rick performed a short standup comedy piece for the crowd, taking advantage of the college student demographic to crack many niche jokes about Tulane culture and, of course, Mike Fitts. The audience was very receptive to the jokes, despite perhaps feeling a slight sting as Rick reflected on the realization that, to Fitts, every incoming class is “the best and brightest.” 

Finally, Unscripted Improv blew the crowd away with its entirely improvised comedy set, flooding the Rathskeller lounge with uproarious laughter. The group played a series of improv “games,” taking some suggestions from the audience and making an effort to make attendees feel involved in the performance.

Unscripted has made strides in establishing themselves on campus as comedy stars in the past year, consistently drawing crowds to any event that they host or partake in. 

If you missed out on this event, or if you’re simply craving more, be sure to check out the groups at their larger performances throughout the year and keep attending all of the events that TUCP has to offer.

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