Allah-Las grace One Eyed Jacks with groovy charm


Burke Joslin | Contributing Photographer

Indie-rock band Allah-Las brought upbeat performance to One Eyed Jack’s on Sunday.

Burke Joslin, Contributing Writer

Indie-rock band Allah-Las blessed One Eyed Jacks with irresistible good vibes this past Sunday. The band is currently touring internationally following the Oct. 11 release of their fourth studio album, “LAHS.” 

When it comes to indie rock, few bands possess as much sheer crossover appeal as the Allah-Las. Whether you prefer alternative, funk, pop, jazz, soul or classic rock, Allah-Las have got you covered.

With that in mind, it’s a bit difficult to pin down what exact genre Allah-Las fall into. Formed in Los Angeles in 2008 by Miles Michaud, Matthew Correia, Spencer Dunham and Pedrum Siadatian, Allah-Las combine the best attributes of West Coast surf rock, psychedelic rock and experimental alternative rock. 

The result? A sunny, atmospheric and often hypnotic synthesis of feel-good alternative vibes that will enthrall even the most casual fan. 

And in their live shows, Allah-Las leaves little else to be desired. Despite many of their songs’ melancholy, emotionally authentic lyrics, the band puts on an inescapably upbeat performance. Between ethereal guitar riffs, thrumming base lines, Latin-infused drum beats and carefree vocals, Allah-Las will remind listeners of Phish, Oasis, Pink Floyd, The 

Growlers, Mac DeMarco and Rex Orange County.

Surprisingly, Allah-Las refrained from performing their 2011 breakout hit “Catamaran.” The characteristically down-tempo yet soulful psychedelic rock song catapulted the band towards mainstream success nearly a decade ago, kick-starting their career and affirming the genre’s resurgence. Instead, their live set consisted of 17 equally enjoyable tracks from each of their four albums.

Few bands of the 2010s have captured the freeform, genre-bending essence of classic 60’s jam bands like The Grateful Dead and Phish as effectively as Allah-Las. In their pleasantly anachronistic live show, the band imbued One Eyed Jacks with the groovy, atmospheric charm that popularized the genre in the first place.

Additionally, Allah-Las’ music has a strangely cinematic vibe. It’s the kind of aesthetic that evokes feelings of happiness and euphoria, yet also reflection and contemplation. Their songs are the perfect soundtrack for wistfully gazing out the window on a road trip, an inspirational montage in a coming-of-age movie and everything in between. 

Allah-Las are continuing their North American tour with a myriad of shows across the U.S. and Canada. Their latest album “LAHS” is currently available for purchase, or can be streamed via Spotify, Apple Music and more.

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