Valentine’s haikus to our sporty boos

Sports Staff

As Valentine’s Day approaches, our staff can’t help but get in the lovin’ mood. While this day is usually reserved for your special someone, we took the liberty of showing some love to our favorite athletes. Will the sparks fly like Eli Manning dropping dimes to Sterling Shepard? Will LeBron James accept our invitation to a candle lit dinner? For crying out loud can we at least get a follow back on Instagram? These relationships with our athletically gifted loved ones seem a little one sided or is it just us? But, no matter what, we always love you! Enjoy these Valentine’s Day Haikus!

Czars Trinidad | Senior Staff Artist
Aaron Rodger’s dating profile

Haiku to Aaron Rodgers 

Abe Seldowitz

Nobody throws like you  

They can’t tell you otherwise 

You’re the real goat, man 

Czars Trinidad | Senior Staff Artist
LeBron James’ dating profile

Haiku to the King

Bella Baff

LeBron or LeGoat?

My car is named after you

Watch out Savannah

Haiku to LeBron

Jude Papillion

LeBron is the GOAT 

He hurt Klay Thompson’s feelings 

By winning three straight

Czars Trinidad | Senior Staff Artist
Eli Manning’s dating profile

Haiku to a Lost Love

Bella Baff

Hi Eli Manning

I was once obsessed with you

I still don’t know why

Czars Trinidad | Senior Staff Artist
Carmelo Anthony’s dating profile

Stay Me70

Lucas Sachs

Without you, Melo

The Garden became quiet.

Always stay Melo.

Czars Trinidad | Senior Staff Artist
Joe Mauer’s dating profile

Haiku to Delicious Sideburns

Ezra Weber

Joe Mauer you are

Beautiful like a flower

Delicious sideburns 

Czars Trinidad | Senior Staff Artist
Hector Bellerin’s dating profile

Haiku to Héctor Bellerín

Hannah May-Powers

Arsenal’s Vegan

Not just a right back, he’s chic

He’s Héctor, so neat 

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