Fitts approves 40% rebate on housing, dining and recreation fees

Gabby Abrams , News Editor

Tulane students received an email this morning from Patrick Norton, senior vice president and COO, and Robin Forman, senior vice president of Academic Affairs and provost, announcing a rebate to their accounts as a result of the university’s transition to online classes.

President Fitts approved a rebate of 40% of the original semester cost for housing, recreation center access and dining plan. Additionally, the remainder of the students’ Wavebucks, Nolabucks, Extra Meal Swipes, and Quick Picks will roll over to be used in the upcoming semester. 

The email also indicated three options for how students wish to spend this rebate. The first option is to allow the rebate to apply to future university costs for housing and access to the Reily center. No further action is required for this option to be applied.

A second option is to donate all or a portion of the rebate to the Tulane Student Emergency Aid and Assistance Fund, a fund that aids in easing the relocation process for Tulane students, or to Tulane’s Emerging Research in Infectious Disease Fund.

The final option indicated is to request a direct deposit refund from Tulane Accounts Receivable Office. 

The email recommended that “students scheduled to graduate in May 2020 should request a refund or consider donating their credit balance” whereas continuing students should apply their credit toward future university costs. 

Whichever option students choose will not impact their financial aid package for the upcoming school year. 

The email did not include an option to send students’ remaining housing and meal plan money to Sodexo employees on Tulane’s campus. This recommendation stems from a petition written by Nicole LaCour that has received 2,334 signatures to date.