Voting for USG representatives is live amid coronavirus pandemic

Amy Nankin, News Editor

Tulane University’s Undergraduate Student Government welcomed in its new executive board March 13, and voting for USG representatives opened this morning and will end tomorrow. 

Students can cast their votes for president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and up to 10 senators vying for a position to represent their respective schools

This year, over 40 candidates total are running for positions, but they are doing so under much different circumstances due to the coronavirus pandemic. Candidates can only campaign virtually, not by handing out stickers and pamphlets or by using chalk art on McAlister Drive to gain voters like they typically do. 

“Although tabling on McAlister will be a missed campaigning tradition this election cycle, most campaigning happens on social media even when we’re not experiencing a pandemic,” Awards and Elections Chair Justin Wisnicki said. “We are still encouraging candidates to speak to clubs and campus leaders to ensure we have a strong start to next year.”

While candidates have lost out on the ability to campaign in person to educate and attract voters, members of USG say they are working hard to ensure that students are still being encouraged to vote.

“We will continue with many of the traditional strategies we have used to get out the vote, such as all-campus communications and educating campus leaders about the importance of USG to them and their organization’s members,” Wisnicki said. “We know these strategies work because we achieved record turnout a few weeks ago for Executive Board Elections.”

USG is still operating virtually, meaning the transition to the 23rd senate will continue as planned. The representatives who are elected will be welcomed into the USG body April 21, and the first session of the new senate will be April 28.

“Students’ votes matter now more than ever,” Wisnicki said. “Elected USG members have been vital for communicating students’ voices to administration during this crisis. Voting in this election is key to ensure Tulane bounces back stronger than ever.”

Students can vote at the links below through Thursday, April 2:

Architecture Student Government Voting: 
Freeman Student Government Voting: 
Public Health Undergraduate Student Government Voting: 
School of Liberal Arts Government Voting: 

School of Science and Engineering Student Government Voting:

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