The Hullabaloo Board stands with tBSU, supports their demands

On July 25, the Tulane Black Student Union released a list of demands, calling for institutional revolution — not reform — of the university, to combat racism on campus and support BIPOC students. The Hullabaloo Board stands with tBSU, and joins them in demanding Tulane take the action that tBSU has detailed. As the semester begins, it is essential that these demands are kept in mind by the student population, who must continue to support and emphasize them, and the administration, who cannot let the chaos of the beginning school year distract from the immense work that must be done in order to begin to rectify the vast inequity experienced by BIPOC students and workers. 

The demands that tBSU has listed are numerous, and they can be read in their entirety here. They cover major aspects of campus life, such as admissions, Housing and Residence Life and the School of Professional Advancement. The demands range from increased wages for employees and greater support for the mental health of Black students to reparations for the descendants of those enslaved on Tulane’s campus and the ending of practices that segregate student athletes. Their demands, while focused on supporting Black community members, will improve life for all Tulane affiliates, as well as the communities in which we are guests. 

This is a unique time for the university. Every day we are undergoing massive change and redirection as we struggle through the challenges the pandemic has brought. Our entire community is under a great deal of stress. Tulane cannot use that as an excuse to ignore the demands, however, especially since the bulk of this stress falls on marginalized students and workers whose needs tBSU’s demands hope to address. Tulane’s Black students are not going anywhere, and they are not suffering less when Tulane chooses to turn a blind eye. Tulane needs to take immediate action and work with tBSU to achieve the action items set. This is already a time of change, and Tulane must take advantage of that to make these larger, revolutionary challenges that will actively work to address the broken system that continues to so support white supremacy on campus and in our communities. 

The BSU has done a tremendous amount of research and surveying to get to this list of demands — obvious in the variety of organizations and student leaders whose perspectives are expressed. They have made the way forward clear.  Tulane has the opportunity to show up for Black students, as it should have done a long time ago.

We hope that by including this opinion in our first print issue of the 2020-21 school year, we are able to reach as many community members as possible, because our work as a community is not done. We must continue to support tBSU, holistically and consistently. If you are able to contribute financially, the donation link is here. If you cannot, you can still continue to follow up with the administration about the demands of tBSU and pressure them to heed them.

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