Would you survive a slasher?

Hannah May-Powers, Arcade Editor

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Do you have what it takes to survive a slasher? (Gabe Darley)

Slasher flicks are a staple in the horror genre. Popularized in the 1970s and 1980s, these movies are characterized by a masked slayer, bladed weapons and a lot of gore. With notable films of this subgenre being “Halloween” (1978), “Friday the 13th” (1980), “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984) and “Child’s Play” (1988), it should come as no surprise that surviving these ordeals is quite difficult.

Are you curious if you have what it takes to make it through a Michael Myers-esque night? Find out once and for all with this quiz!

1.You have some friends over at your house. What do you do?

A: You are the life of the party. It is impossible to miss you when you are at an event.

B: You are a pretty social person, so you go with the flow of the event.

C: Compared to others, you are relatively introverted but still want to have a good time.

D: You talk to a few close friends, but try to keep to yourself.

2. How well do you manage your emotions in a high-stress situation?
A.  You know your strengths and that is not one of them.

B. You could be better but can function well when stressed.

C. You do well in these environments.

D. Of course you do not like these situations but can get through them.

3. You hear something fall off the shelf in another room, but you know that no one is in there. What do you do?

A. Walk towards the room from which the noise came while asking “Is someone there?”

B. Go check it out. What is the worst that could happen?

C. You make note of it but do not go in the room.

D. You are suspicious and decide against investigating it.

4. You see a not-so-friendly masked face looking at you through your living room window. How do you proceed?

A. Run outside to see what is going on.

B. Go and shut the blinds.

C. Turn off the lights.

D. Immediately try to hide before they can see you.

5. In the middle of the ordeal, you get a phone call from a number you do not recognize. Do you answer?

A. Yes, it could be a friend!

B. You decide against it but immediately start receiving pictures taken from the inside of your own house.

C. You answer but do not speak first.

D. You answer cautiously. Talking on the phone could momentarily distract them.

6. You realize it is time to find a weapon. What do you grab?

A. You cannot manage to find something quickly.

B. Fabric scissors

C. Baseball bat

D. Large kitchen knife

7. You need to hide, ASAP. Where do you go?

A. Under a glass table in your living room

B. Under your bed

C. In a small closet

D. In the basement

8. You made it out of the house, and you are trying to quietly escape from your unwelcome visitor when you hear something behind you. How do you react?

A. Scream and start running frantically.

B. Continue walking at a leisurely pace because it was just a squirrel … right?

C. Slowly creep behind a tree to hide.

D. Stop, drop and roll under the nearest foliage to hide.

middle death and first dead
Would you be the first dead or the middle death? (Gabe Darley)

If you mostly answered A … First Dead

You probably would not even make it past the first 20 minutes of the movie. It is unfortunate that you did not get a chance to shine, but every slasher film needs its first victim. You are probably a likable, social and relatively uncomplicated person who was most likely at the wrong place at the wrong time.

If you mostly answered B … Middle Death

You may have thought you would make it through to the end, but you made a few rash decisions. Your storyline got cut short before the audience really had the chance to know you, but rest assured that we were all rooting for you! In slasher films, unfortunately, there is usually only room for one victor.

barely survived final girl
Maybe you would barely survive or be the final girl. (Gabe Darley)

If you mostly answered C … Barely Survived

You survived, but it was not pretty. There were a few moments when we all questioned whether or not you would make it out alive, but you proved us all wrong. You managed to pull through this time, but be careful because luck may not be on your side next time around. Your victory was well-earned.

If you mostly answered D … Final Girl

Congratulations! Not only did you survive, but you also achieved the illustrious title of Final Girl. This trope, which can be found with characters such as Laurie Strode from “Halloween” (1978) and Sidney Prescott from “Scream”  (1996) is found throughout slasher films. A Final Girl is typically defined by a restrictive set of standards in that she avoids drugs, drinking and sex. Though she is the one to confront the killer in the end and is framed as the hero, this trope is not without its problems and stereotypes.

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