Best coffee shops around campus

Mackenzie Bookamer, Arcade Editor

pink cloud art wall with a window in the center, black and white striped floor, table with two chairs, wicker chair in corner
Drink Beauty features a pink cloud wall perfect to admire while sipping a latte. (Mackenzie Bookamer)

Coffee shops are a great place to socialize, get a head start on schoolwork or just take a breather. Here are some of the best coffee shops around campus. 

Drink Beauty

3424 Magazine Street 

For a more eclectic feel, Drink Beauty is the place to go. The pink cloud wall is the perfect backdrop for Instagram pictures, and the coffee bar backed by pink neon signs adds to the wanderlust aesthetic. Their coffee drinks are as unique as the shop itself, and customers can even print designs on top of their lattes from an app on their phone. Their menu features a colorful list of drinks, such as the pink Drink Beauty, infused with rose syrup and beet powder, and the blue Daydream, made with buffer-fly pea powder and violet syrup. This coffee shop is primarily a social spot, but you’ll never be bored looking around this pink haven. Take the St. Charles streetcar to the Louisiana Avenue stop and walk until you reach Magazine Street. 

French Truck Coffee

4536 Dryades Street

This coffee shop is a bright yellow house, adorned with a front porch and sprawling greenery that adds to its southern charm. The inside is rustic, yet modern, and the outside patio offers ample seating to catch up on work or catch up with a friend on the week’s happenings. They offer a wide selection of coffee roasts and drinks, with classics like the Cafe Au Lait and iced lattes. French Truck also boasts an extensive food menu, with rotating pastry options sure to cure your sweet tooth or savory lunch options like avocado toast. Take the St. Charles streetcar to the Cadiz Street stop and walk about three blocks to arrive at the quaint yellow house! 

Rue de La Course

1140 S Carrollton Avenue 

Rue de La Course is an old bank building — with the vault still in place on the second floor — turned into a picturesque coffee shop. The high ceilings make it airy and open, and the continuous classical music in the background creates a calming environment conducive for doing work. The menu features a wide selection of both hot and iced coffee drinks to please any caffeine fix. They also serve speciality bagel sandwiches that are a great fuel for long study sessions. Rue de La Course is about a 15 minute walk down Oak Street from campus, and is a great place to study if you want to get off campus. 

Z’otz Cafe

8210 Oak Street

Z’otz Cafe is located on Oak Street near Rue de La Course, and is a good option if you’re looking for a more social spot. The blue exterior with the white and blue awning creates an inviting atmosphere. Their bathrooms are decorated with elaborate murals, making a mundane activity a bit more exciting. Z’otz has a large selection of both tea and coffee, so there is a drink for everyone no matter what their caffeine tolerance is. They also offer a changing selection of pastries from local bakeries, so you’re supporting multiple NOLA-owned businesses at one stop! Head down Oak Street for about 15 minutes to arrive at this unique spot. 

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