Tulane Truckers Review: Affordable, Flexible Summer Storage Finally Available for Tulane Students


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Students and parents have grown increasingly frustrated by the lack of affordable options and flexibility when it comes to Tulane’s move out and summer storage.

This year, combining their background of experiences working in warehouse management and e-commerce fulfillment, a team of Tulane students has changed the summer storage and shipping game. They launched Tulane Truckers: a company that provides parents and students with affordable, quality storage and shipping services.

Summer Storage Nearly 30% Cheaper than USS

From their website, you can register for their Tulane Summer Storage and Home Shipping services. You will then receive an email with how to pick up your free American-made boxes and supplies. Their student representatives will meet you in your room during your selected time to collect your items—and you won’t be expected to lift a thing. They accept boxed and unboxed items (furniture, TVs, etc.).

Tulane Truckers’ summer storage services are nearly 30% less than USS summer storage. Even though Tulane Truckers is substantially less expensive, they do not compromise on quality. Their storage is climate controlled, and their customer service team operates nearly 24/7. Live student representatives are always available via phone or email to answer parent support questions or help with services.

Unlike USS, which seeks to capitalize off the Tulane summer storage market, Tulane Truckers’ charter dictates that they must “Serve the Tulane Community Above All.” Their focus on making a positive impact on the Tulane Community—before just earning a profit—is why their team has opted to provide unlimited free American-made double-walled boxes and tape to all students who use their services.

Ship a 4.5 Cubic Foot Box Anywhere in the US for Just $75

Even UPS is paying attention to this group of Tulane entrepreneurs. In a recent effort to support the group, UPS extended Tulane Truckers exclusive access to discounted shipping rates and services. This partnership will allow Tulane Truckers to ship students’ items directly to their homes at a fraction of the cost of USS, the FedEx store, or other services. Using the free boxes and supplies, Tulane students can ship their items home within a week.

Including all supplies and door-to-door service, shipping a 4.5 cubic foot box anywhere in the United States costs only $75 on Tulane Truckers’ website. This is about 50% cheaper than existing options, including the FedEx store. UPS’s generous partnership with the Tulane Truckers team will enable them to serve their community in ways that USS, the other Tulane storage vendor, cannot.

On a Mission to Support Our Community

The Tulane Truckers team of students, who hail from Texas, Massachusetts, California, and North Carolina, are intent on their mission to make Tulane summer storage and home shipping not only affordable but beneficial for their community.

Just this year, they have already run numerous community outreach efforts including giving away gift cards to local businesses impacted by COVID-19, creating student jobs, and more.

Gone are the days of cumbersome, expensive summer storage with a company that seeks to extort every last penny of profit out of Tulane students and families. Tulane Truckers is here to make storage easy and beneficial to our community.

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