Veganism finds place in New Orleans food scene


Restaurants like Seed and many others around the city aim to make delicious vegan food, including recreations of typically non-vegan options, accessible to a wider audience. 

Parker Greenwood, Associate Arcade Editor

Approximately one percent of the United States’ population consists of vegans, meaning there are 3.7 million people out there forced to scour menus for an option that fits their needs, and frantically Googling restaurants that can accommodate them when going out to dinner.

Over the years, as more and more people have become interested in veganism and its health benefits, restaurants have expanded their options accordingly. If you’re wanting to grab dinner with your vegan friend, but are worried that they won’t be able to indulge in anything on the menu, worry no longer — New Orleans has plenty restaurants that now offer suitable options.

Breads on Oak:

Looking for fancy vegan breads or delicious vegan sandwiches? Look no further than Breads on Oak, located at 8640 Oak St. The organic, locally-sprouted tofu scramble on pumpkin cheddar biscuit is a heavenly way to fill the gap left by a skipped breakfast. If a savory lunch is more your taste, The Tulane Healthy Veggie Club recommends checking out the vegan muffanada with olive salad, smoky maple tempeh and veggie provolone served on seeded ciabatta.

Dat Dog:

Dat Dog is an unlikely spot to check out for vegans, but it boasts phenomenal vegan buns. To pair with this there are three different options for vegan dogs: Spicy Chipotle Dog, Field Roast Italian Dog and Smoked Apple Sage Dog. The Veggie Club recommends adding barbecue and blackberry sauce to any of these amazing treats.


This is the go-to vegan restaurant in New Orleans.

“Seed is a great vegan restaurant in Uptown that serves vegan southern comfort food,” Maia Schoenberg, former vice president of The Tulane Healthy Veggie Club, said. “They even have gumbo, poboys, mac and cheese, grilled cheese… lots of great options that even non-vegans would love.”

Some recommendations to choose from include a delicious polenta, an option which is unfortunately not always on the menu, as well as the fried tofu, which is always available. For vegans that feel as if they are missing out on the whole beignet craze, your plight is over — Seed offers vegan beignets.

Located at 1330 Prytania St., Seed is a bit more of a hike than the other two, though well worth the journey.

With vegan options all over the New Orleans restaurant scene, there need not be any more worry about finding a restaurant that can accommodate the whole crew.

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