Grouplove to bring translated experiences on stage with ‘Big Mess’


Courtesy of Atlantic Records

Samantha Sitt, Senior Staff Reporter [email protected]

Unapologetically distinct, indie-pop rock quintet Grouplove released its most confident album to date, “Big Mess”. The band’s growth is evident, but new tracks still have colorful traces of its original and defining sound. New Orleans fans can experience this at Grouplove’s upcoming performance at 7 p.m. on Nov. 13 at the House of Blues.

Opening for Grouplove is the female, alternative pop band MUNA, who will be supporting its debut EP, “Loudspeaker”. The album is self-written and produced, drawing on equally rich and mellow sounds. Also on the “Big Mess” tour is the Toronto-based rock band DILLY DALLY.

Both openers are expected to keep the audience alert, whether it be from MUNA’s hypnotic sound or DILLY DALLY’s gritty vocals.

“Big Mess”, released in September of this year, is a more memorable production compared to the band’s sophomore album “Spreading Rumours”. The new album is filled with quirky sounds and relatable lyrics that weave a story of the band members’ experiences. Lead vocalists Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi recently had a baby, and the opening track, “Welcome to Your Life”, is a dedication to their daughter.

“Welcome to your world, my girl. Let it be your fantasy, oh yeah,” are lyrics that incite the feelings of syrupy joy present in many of the songs on “Big Mess”.

The performance this weekend will showcase the delicate, light vocals from Hooper which are finely complimented by Zucconi’s pointedness. The two seamlessly mesh together lyrics in songs like “Spinning”.

Slower tracks such as “Hollywood” and “Enlighten Me” mix up the speed of the album to maintain listeners’ attention. The concert will create new fans of these particular songs if performed. Grittier and louder songs are also present in the album including “Cannonball”. 

Grouplove is expected to draw a lively audience ready to experience the band’s chemistry and showmanship. Popular hits from older tracks such as “Colours” and “Ways to Go”, which will attract dedicated fans as well as one-time listeners, are almost sure to be on the set list.

“Big Mess” is encompassed by feelings of raw and carefree spirit that is expected to translate into the band’s Sunday night performance, leaving concert-goers feeling energized and uplifted.

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