Tulane emphasizes personal evacuation plan for hurricanes

Martha Sanchez, News Editor

gibson hall
As hurricanes continue to threaten New Orleans, Tulane urges students to create personal evacuation plans in case of a major weather event. (Gabe Darley)

Tulane University announced its latest plan to face the reality of intensifying hurricane seasons: personal evacuation. 

While this year’s hurricane season has been quiet for Louisiana thus far, we are writing today to urge all students, faculty and staff to create a personal evacuation plan that they can implement independently and without reliance on the university,” the school said in an email Wednesday. 

On-campus students with financial needs, disability and access and functional needs, or students who cannot otherwise leave New Orleans may evacuate with Tulane in the event that President Mike Fitts declares a university evacuation. All other students are expected to plan their own evacuations. 

Students who evacuate with Tulane should expect gymnasiums with cots or shared hotel rooms, according to the evacuation policy. They have three days to relocate once they reach their evacuation city. The university will assist students who cannot return home or stay elsewhere. 

All university departments are also required to create plans to ensure academics and essential services can continue after an evacuation.  

The policy encourages students to store or bring home all valuables if the university declares an evacuation. A locked residence hall door is not sufficient, according to the policy. 

The policy divides Tulane staff into two groups: an Advanced Continuity Team — that is responsible for maintaining communications, academics, information technology and donor relations — and an Away Team — a restricted group that accompanies evacuating students during an evacuation. 

If an evacuation is announced, Tulane may provide shuttles to the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport if weather and circumstances permit. In the event of a long-term evacuation, housing and dining rebates are not guaranteed but could be approved in certain circumstances, the policy said.

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